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Our definition of sales:
Act and achieve the results you want!

Welcome to sales + partner

Welcome you to our site! We would like to introduce you to sales + partner . Not for too long, as after all, this concerns your products and specific requirements.

For a start, clarification of what we do not do:

We are not an advertising agency which concerns itself with promotion in the conventional realm. We have suitably competent organisations which can and will do this for us. We are also not an Internet marketing agency which solely does its marketing via the Internet. The products we sell require an alternative approach.

Let us clarify what we have successfully been doing for national and international companies globally since 1982 – and maybe soon in partnership with you.

Verifiable, personal product selling by means of our own, as well as national and international multichannel selling and the development of new markets. In addition, we strengthen existing sales structures in your organisation by implementing our successful concepts and strategies.

Sales and their sensitive subdivisions are our business. Successful selling is the prerequisite for the sound development of your organisation. This is where our partnership lies.