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Our definition of sales:
Act and achieve the results you want

Sales Training

Your products have already been marketed. You have also established a marketing structure.

It is however possible that
  1. There may be potentially lucrative markets that you do not supply
  2. The actual existing marketing strategies do not allow optimum sales in this sector
  3. The existing sales representatives have untapped possibilities – as regards time management and sales potential
  4. The existing compensation system is not accepted or non-existent
The obvious solution is the practical sales + partner marketing training:
  1. Matching product potential with regards to time and geographical areas
  2. Taking into account product and sales personnel requirements
  3. One-on-one and group coaching & training aimed at motivation and determining obstacles
  4. Dispelling these barriers
  5. Developing concrete guidelines – for both company and the individual sales representatives with their respective cooperation
  6. Active and joint sales coaching on client’s premises
  7. We will maintain our relationship over a certain period of time to ensure both continued motivation as well as adherence to objectives
Our future cooperation:
Sales + partner’s training takes place in practically divided, short sessions. Customer relations are developed by our coaches joining sales personnel on case studies.

The intensity of the mentoring is individually determined according to demand.