Logo sales + partner
Our definition of sales:
Act and achieve the results you want

The dependable sales partner for your product

We can depend on our established national and international sales structures and can therefore offer to do partial or complete selling on your behalf. This would require:
  1. A quality product
  2. The marketability of the product
  3. A delivery capacity both in quality and quantity
  4. Dependable on-time deliveries
This would ensure you the following advantages:
  1. Ability to schedule the utilization of resources
  2. A high potential for sales growth
  3. Obtaining new markets
  4. National and international market access using premium contacts
  5. Quick implementation
This sales +partner marketing partnership has formed the basis of our assertive national and international business growth for the past 30 years.

Our future cooperation:
Each sales partnership is individually construed. This ensures that both parties receive a clear and comprehensible plan of action – selling can immediately start.

Selling on a commission basis
The cooperation on a commission basis is of no risk to the manufacturer. Commission is in principle only due after settlement by the client. Fees are product and market dependent and will be charged according to a cooperation agreement.