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Our definition of sales:
Act and achieve the results you want

The Sales Concept

Your product is sellable, well conceived and something very special.

Good, better and even extraordinary promising products need a clear and concise concept, especially developed for its individual success and market requirements. Omitting this part would mean a loss of valuable time and money. Worse still: achievable success falls way behind your expectations – even though your product is fully marketable.

Just as you have, in the minutest detail, planned and developed your product – we also thoroughly ponder over, plan and calculate a strategy for the successful sales of your product.

The one determines the other! Good and very good products are numerous. Very often however, these products lack a conclusive sales concept. This is where we come in.

An assertive sales concept answers all questions regarding its profitable implementation and gives clear, dependable answers to:

  1. Suitable sales placements
  2. Sales strategies
  3. Potential consumer markets
  4. Market related price structures
  5. Development of customized offers
  6. Promotions
  7. Weekly and monthly planning
  8. Realistic sales budgets
Our future cooperation:
Expenses incurred include:

1. A sales concept
The consulting work will be charged on an individual basis for which an offer will be made in writing.

2. Sales on a commission basis:
After preparing your sales concept we implement it. The cooperation agreement on a commission basis is of no risk to the manufacturer. Commission is only due after settlement by the client. Commission is product- and market related and will be charged as agreed.