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Our definition of sales:
Act and achieve the results you want


sales + partner have been involved in direct selling for about 30 years. Through cooperation with national and international partners we have, amongst others, secured the sales of industrial products for the automotive and mechanical engineering branches.

We hope this information will have given you a meaningful first impression.

Contact us to allow us to elaborate on issues that are of importance to you. We would gladly place our services at your disposal.

Proposal: We are constantly driven by the demands made on your sales because we gladly stand behind our products and suppliers. This is the reason why we have been so successful in various branches for many years. To ensure a solid and successful cooperation, it is inevitable that both our companies complement one another because of the very fact that we have to rely on each other.

Incidentally: Because we are wholeheartedly “Sellers”, we are constantly available. Due to the diverse demands of various branches in the different time-zones, there are no “inappropriate times” for our activities.